In this book I cover it all and share with you the 'secrets' of a professional nutritionist. The book covers all the food and health recommendations I make on a regular basis for over 100 conditions seen regularly in my clinic. You get to have all the information the experts have! In fact many natural therapy practitioners and General Practitioners use my book.

Why should you trust that I know what I am talking about? Well, let me share with you my background. I have had a long career in scientific research and in the food, pharmacology and health industries. I have taught and lectured at several major natural health colleges in Australia, have authored articles for professional publications, journals and community newspapers and have undertaken a number of invited speaking engagements throughout Australia and overseas. This book combines two of my passions, food and health. I want to share it with you.

But don't just take my word for it, here is what others have said:

"[Heal with Food]  Food Farmocopoeia is a comprehensive blend of modern scientific nutritional medicine with traditional knowledge for common ailments and diseases. Its user friendly style will make this book an invaluable aid for practitioners and the general public in their efforts to achieve better health. I urge you to make this book part of your life." –  Kate MacGregor, Herbalist Victoria

 "As a wholistic practitioner, I see miracles occur when people care for their bodies and feed them living food. I am delighted that Debbie has compiled such a comprehensive manual because eating appropriate living food is our bodies’ frontline defence against ailments and diseases and the secret to enhancing our sense of wellbeing and quality of life."   – Christine Hole, Naturopath Qld

" I purchased a copy of[Heal with Food]   Food Farmocopoeia to use in my clinic, it is in constant use…As a naturopath I am familiar with much of Food Farmocopoeia's content, I just need to jog the memory occasionally. I highly recommend Food Farmocopoeia  to all practitioners who have a passion for using food as medicine."   –  Pip Mckendrick, Naturopath Tasmania

"Look, we just want things nice and simple like this!" ­– D.D, Consumer, New South Wales 

"Very impressive amount of content and great value" - PL Consumer, Tasmania

"I…am impressed by the format and the wealth of information contained" - General Practitioner, Tasmania

"It [Debbie's book] is terrific and has been so useful already…and I've only had it a few days." - SM Consumer, Tasmania

 Journal of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society independent review of my book:
"…Perhaps its major strength is the simplicity and clarity with which a wealth of expert information is provided. Its clear layout would make it of value to both informed and interested members of the public and practitioner who want a ready reference to be used in its own right….an accessible and comprehensive reference"

Nutrition Medicine

"Thank you so much for your time today, it was terrific to meet you and hear some of your knowledge on nutrition. Mum and I both got a lot out of meeting you today – thanks for being able to fit me in so quickly. Your handouts and information were all brilliant and I feel so much more confident with what we need to do…" - Nutrition Medicine client

“Thank you so much for all of your encouragement, wonderful ideas and general hand-holding. I couldn’t have done it without you” – Nutrition Medicine client

"I am so grateful for all your time, information and reassurance, it has made our  transition so much smoother" - Nutrition Medicine client

"Wow - thanks for this Debbie! You have amazing dedication" - Nutrition Medicine client

"Thank you for your kindenss and support  as well as  your wisdom and expertise. I appreciate it and I'm in a better way for it, so thank you - Nutrition Medicine client

"Thank you for all you have done for so many people" - Nutrition Medicine client

I​t is always nice to find clients trust your advice when they hit another health stumbling block or you bump into them in the street and they tell you how well they are doing. It is even nicer to think that someone would take the time to share their feedback in heartfelt thanks to those who have shared the following!


Sometimes change is thrust upon us or we just feel stuck in old life patterns. Debbie has helped many find their own life choices using kinesiology: 

"...occasionally in life you meet someone special. Whether they become a friend, a mentor, a role model or just someone with qualities that you admire and would like to emulate they hold a special place in your life. Thank you for being a special person. I sincerely do not think I would have caught some of the curved balls that life has thrown over the last few years without your Thankand help. I find so much calm and strength using your words. And so much joy recalling the laughter we shared" - Kinesiology client

"Thank you for all your magical wonderful support...Keep doing your great kineasiology and nutrition...I feel kineasiology seems easier to mentally grasp our own doings and inner selves...Thank you lovely lady" - Kinesiology client

“It was like a veil had been lifted and I see myself differently” –  Kinesiology client

“I don’t understand how this works but I feel energized and free” – Kinesiology client

"Thank you for your gentle understanding, empathy and depth of knowledge in facilitating such a profound change in my life. I am now, very much part of living, joyous and eager to maintain a positive lifestyle and excited about where it leads me and what I can learn. I'm definitely in a better place." – Kinesiology client

"I found the session really useful, focussed me back on things that are simple but deeply important, and it has led me to do other things to move towards good holistic health. With my best wishes and thanks." – Kinesiology client.

"…thank you for opening my eyes to kinesiology" – Kinesiology client 

"...You have added such knowledge, skill, kindness, humour, care and most of all love to our lives. I thank you from the heart for all your assistance you have given me and my dog...and our Reiki [group] throughout the years. I am forever grateful." - Kinesiology client

" thank you for your insight" - Kinesiology client

"I am sorry you are leaving Tassie. You will certainly be missed. I wanted to thank you for the work you did with me and to wish you well for your future" - Kinesiology client

Mindful Eating Australasia

Mindful Eating Retreats and Courses

"I've been reflecting on our wonderful mindful eating retreat and realising all the little obvious - and initially not so obvious - gifts that I've been given. THANK YOU for all your planning, preparation, guidance, nurturing, challenging and wisdom over a powerful 48 hours…and most of all thank you for giving us your energy" - retreat participant

"I often reflect on how empowering my retreat was - retreat participant