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Nourish your soul at the next retreat.

RE-treat to beautiful vegetarian  food, RE-mind yourself of what you cherish and unwind in a place of tranquility

It is very exciting that you are considering this retreat!

Retreats are a wonderful grounding experiences where like-minded people gather in acceptance to respectfully support each other.

I try to keep retreats flexible as the group plays a big part in how to move forward each day. This means the individual needs are always honoured.

Our busy lives take us away from bringing our full attention to the small pleasures in life. This includes the wonderful tastes, smells, thoughts and feelings that arise during a meal and also the simple acknowledgement that someone took great effort to grow, prepare, cook and serve the food on our table.

During the retreat we will use discussion, group exercises and guided meditation to help us identify our relationships to food. Mindfulness transforms our struggles. Compassion and laughter will carry us through the weekend to bring a new sweetness to our lives and develop the tools for your life journey to being healthy, whole and in touch with your own wisdom in making healthy choices for you. Yoga and other complementary therapies are available in free time and there will be periods of silence.

I am a Nutritionist so this helps with the technical and behavioural aspects around food but I am also a qualified Kinesiologist which means each and every day I work with overcoming blockages to the success of my clients. I do truly believe it will be more than mindfulness that you will experience.