Eating styles may appear as being on a continuum from

  • effortless choices to no sense of control
  • beneficial choices to non-beneficial food selection
  • peaceful calm to fear around getting it right.

To lock into this type of thinking of our actions being good or bad can quickly translate into our own personal sense that we are good or bad. It is human nature. This mindful eating course will bring you back to your own wisdom and bring your closer to your true nurturing nature of self.


Mindful Eating Australasia

Food is just food.
It is not really on a continuum of problem or solution.

Skills to be explored and gained:

  • Mindfulness skills
  • Bring us to be present leaving the past and punishing thoughts behind
  • Creating spaciousness in your life
  • Eating

My phone/skyped based one on one courses help you get to a place of:

  • calm choice, peacefulness and wellbeing around food
  • releasing negative judgments
  • trust and acceptance with each experience being an opportunity for self-understanding
  • a place of better peace with food, body size, body shape
  • knowing what food is a substitute for in your life and what would it take to do the real thing now?
  • there are no videos, just personalized and individual care for your situation