Debbie gathers over 20 years experience in healthcare and combines her clinical experience of nutrition medicine and kinesiology to meld an individualized mindful eating program for you.

She seeks to help her clients use their full creative capacity to lead healthier, more fulfilling and rewarding lives. Her client’s dignity, autonomy and self-determination are cornerstones to her philosophy of care.

​She is an author and public speaker having done various conference and corporate presentations nationally and internationally.

She has an extensive career in scientific research, the food and health industries and is particularly interested in clarity in healthcare communication. She has a number of publications to her name, lectured and tutored at several of the major natural therapy colleges throughout Australia and writes occasionally for journals and community newspapers.


  • Registered Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner (registered with Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
  • Graduate Diploma of Health Sciences (Nutrition Medicine), Diploma of Nutrition (registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
  • Bachelor of Science, Master of Science (biotechnology), Masters of Business Administration. In fact it was a lot of the adventures and 'misadventures' before she found kinesiology that led her on this path with complementary therapies.

If you can't catch her by phone or email, her vege patch and garden are her natural habitat and she will

get back to you within the next working day!

About Debbie Pannowitz Grad Dip Hlth Sci (Nutr Med), RSKP, MSc, MBA

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