Mindful Eating Australasia in Sydney NSW aims  to relieve the everyday suffering around food battles and to help all find their own wisdom about what is right for them. Mindful Eating Australasia's mindful eating retreats are just one of our services which include mindful eating courses and cards.

Mindful Eating Australasia Mindful Eating Retreats

One-on-one phone based mindful eating courses commencing in October 2017

Upcoming retreat dates:

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Mindful Eating Australasia

To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. 

Your history is not your destiny. ~ Alan Cohen

Do you find:

  • you sometimes eat when you are not hungry
  • the pack of chips is empty and you can't remember one mouthful
  • you eat a bit quickly
  • you have food cravings that don't feel like real hunger
  • you need a break to find peace and calm
  • a lot of your food choices are just habits and not real choices at all
  • you feel like you can't trust yourself around certain foods.

Feeling like there is no room for peace in your life, feeling pressured by expectations of others and feeling like there is no point to even try to make food change are common things I hear in clinic. They are all the words used to express a feeling that life is crashing in on you. This often translates to rushed meals, meals prepared by people that may not have loving hands like yours or even worse skipping meals altogether. We express a need for no time for self and also make inconsistent attempts to literally nourish ourselves. Mindfulness helps us get behind what this is all about for you!

By beginning a process of mindfulness we can begin to break the habits of a lifetime and truly lead ourselves to more conscious eating and living.

MIndfulness can help by supporting health goals around weight and wellbeing. Reach out for help! 

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